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Explore Adaptive Intelligence

Institute of NeuroCognitivism

Mobilising the power of the brain and Adaptive Intelligence

What if it were possible to think and act more efficiently and calmly in all situations?

Even the most complex, unknown and uncertain? How to make daily decisions? How to manage interactions, emotions and thoughts? How to transform intentions into precise actions that are appropriate to the situation?

And if that means better mobilising our brain resources, in real-time?

The NeuroCognitive and behavioural Approach (NCA) is a method used to analyse, understand and act with people by using Adaptive Intelligence.

Adaptive Intelligence is the ability to consciously and lucidly mobilise all our relevant brain capacity, irrespective of how complex or new a situation is, using our knowledge and technical skills but also and above all our soft skills (behavioural skills), motivation, self-confidence and confidence in others.

For more than 30 years, NCA has been offering a pragmatic and accessible synthesis of applied research in neuroscience, biology and cognitive psychology associated with real-life experience to understand and manage human behaviour.

NCA in five key concepts:

  • Brain mechanisms
  • Perspective
  • Adaption
  • Decision
  • Action

How can NCA be applied?

  • To develop soft skills,
  • To favour collective intelligence, creativeness, agility
  • To strengthen decision-making abilities and the quality of decisions made
  • To manage complex situations by mobilising Adaptive Intelligence.


To share the tools and know-how that can enable all of us, whether on a personal or a professional level, to mobilise our soft skills.


To develop Adaptive Intelligence in people and organisations to help overcome the challenges of the many transformations necessary to solve the sustainability, efficiency and wellness equation.



Our interventions (training, consulting, coaching) invite individuals and organisations to better use Adaptive Intelligence to foster sustainable well-being and energy and to engage with meaning, serenity, confidence and autonomy.